Fist of War WWII German E25 series drafts

Fist of War WWII German E25 series, draft update. based on feedback from the world. we update the following design, thanks every one. do you like it or whats your idea for this?


2018/12/26 10:48
I would like to see not only E-25, but also E-10.
2019/1/11 12:13
you have aready 128 FLAK, now 105, please produce also 88 FLAK 41
2019/1/19 11:30
The fantasy blue print shows a n E-25 TD with 75 mm L/70 gun. It is nice, but just a modernized Jagdpanzer IV/70 TD.
I believe it would be better using the E-25 hull for a new Kugelblitz AA-Tank (twin 30 mm MK-103), or a new APC.
2019/4/20 23:25
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